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The Vélo Vert Festival offers events adapted to all: novices, amateurs and experts. It is possible to register for some events from 4 years old.

Apart from the tests, a bike and a helmet are necessary to participate in the different events.

The access to the show, animations and concerts is totally free and does not require any registration.

To register, go to the website inscriptions.velovertfestival.com.

The registration fee for the Vélo Vert Festival in Samoëns varies according to the Pass and the events selected.

Changes to registrations will be accepted on an exceptional basis, up to 21 days before the official opening of on-site registration, upon written request and presentation of supporting documents. We cannot guarantee a positive response.

Passes can be exchanged in the following cases only:
An extension of the 1-day Festival Pass, modified into a 2/3-day Festival Pass valid for the entire weekend.

For the request of a modification mentioned above, please contact inscriptions@velovertfestival.com 

Requests for private changes (name, e-mail address, etc.) can be addressed to our webmaster. Please contact him at this address : webmaster@velovertfestival.com

No requests for changes can be considered on the day of arrival at the event.

Yes, you can try to resell your registration on the page Facebook Vélo Vert Festival – Entre Nous 

Any person having to be replaced by another person if this person meets all the conditions of the contract, must inform the organization of this transfer at the latest 21 days before the official opening of the registrations on the spot by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to be sent to the following address Vélo Vert Magazine 15, rue Claude Monet – 78420 Carrières-sur-Seine or by email to inscription@velovertfestival.com

indicating the following information:
– your name, first name and address
– name, first name, address, date of birth of the third party replacing you
– e-mail and telephone number of the substitute
– type and license number of the substitute
– type of Pass subscribed
– bike size
– registration number and a copy of the registration confirmation letter or e-mail.

After receiving the said registered letter or e-mail, a confirmation of registration will be sent to the third party replacing you. You and the third party replacing you will be jointly and severally liable for the payment of the total price of the registrations and any expenses incurred by the transfer (e.g., shipping costs, etc.).

The event you want to subscribe to is full?
We don’t have a waiting list, but some people withdraw and want to sell their (full) pass or registration for an event.
Leave a search ad on the following pages:

All commitments are firm and final, and cannot be reimbursed for any reason whatsoever.
A refund solution will be proposed to the participants in the case of a cancellation of the event for health reasons.
The organization will nevertheless examine individual requests for reimbursement for medical reasons, the request must be made by email to inscription@velovertfestival.com accompanied by a valid medical document and this 1 day maximum before the opening of registrations on site.
– If this request is made more than 15 days before the start of the event, the registration fees of the person concerned will be reimbursed in full upon presentation of valid medical proof.
– If this request is made less than 15 days before the start of the event, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded upon presentation of a valid medical certificate.

A cycling license or a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of cycling (or mountain biking) in competition issued no more than 1 year before the date of the event is required to participate in timed events.

A parental authorization must be provided for registered minors.

  1. Download the parental consent form
  2. Send us this completed form by going to your cart

Only the Festival Pass with the 1 day or 2/3 day test option gives me access to the bike tests at the show. Once I have my frame plate and my bracelet, I am free to come and go on the show, to test the bikes when and with whom I want, and on specific routes adapted to each practice !

Yes, access to the exhibition is free and accessible to all.

Consult the registration procedures in click here.


Passes can be collected in the registration room located near the exhibition in Samoëns.

The withdrawal of the Passes is done on the spot from :

Thursday from 2pm to 7pm

Friday from 7h30 to 8h (Enduro) & from 9h to 19h

Saturday from 7h30 to 8h (Mythic) & from 9h to 19h

Sunday from 8am to 6pm.

Yes, I can register on site and subscribe to any Pass, event or activity, subject to availability.

To collect my Festival Pass with the Test option, I must bring a minimum of 2 pieces of identification (ID card, driver’s license or passport) and a deposit check of 4000€ (credit card imprint authorized). If there is no problem, my deposit check or the photocopy of my credit card will be given to me or destroyed at the end of the festival.

If I register for one of the tests or activities of the Vélo Vert Festival in Samoëns, I must bring my ID and my license or a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of cycling if this event or activity is timed and subject to a ranking.

Yes, the deposit is 4000€ per person for the Festival Passes test option. This deposit is necessary to test the bikes.


To test a bike, you will have to go to the registration room of the Vélo Vert Festival. We will ask you for a deposit of 4000€ (credit card imprint) as well as 2 pieces of identification (identity card, driving license or passport). You will then be photographed and we will give you a frame plate and a bracelet. You will then be able to go to the stand of your choice with your frame plate and bracelet. You will be checked and registered by the brand.

No, the loaner bikes can only be used on test rides. The brands are free to let you use the bikes or to accompany you on the tours.

It all depends on what I want to do on site. Since a bike test can’t exceed 60 minutes, I’ll need to use my own bike to ride on the events and get between the show and the Animation Village. All other courses are open to test bikes.

No, I have to bring my own equipment (full face helmet + protections), that of friends or rent some from the providers of the resort.

Yes, my own pedals (flat or auto) are essential for testing bikes.

Yes, my test day starts when I pick up my first test on a stand. So, for example, I can do a ride on Saturday and test bikes and accessories on Sunday, all as part of my 1-day Festival Pass.


Espace du Bois aux Dames in Samoëns

They will be partly located in the Bois aux Dames area and in the heart of the Village of Samoëns for the permanent structures.

The exhibition and the start of the test tracks are located at the foot of the Grand Massif Express cable car.

The starting places of the races are specified in the races sheets.

Regular shuttles will be available to take festival-goers from one site to the other (Exhibition / Village Animations). A pedestrian and mountain bike itinerary will also be offered to the most courageous, the idea being to limit motorized transport during the weekend! However, you will be able to circulate by vehicle, but « who goes hunting, loses his place », we would like to inform you that in view of the number of expected festival-goers, the places in the « Centre Village » are likely to be taken by storm.


The Vélo Vert Festival is open to all. Whatever your level, your practice or your budget, everyone will be offered a tempting program. There will be something for everyone !

More than 300 brands and nearly 2000 bikes and accessories are waiting for you !

Yes, it is possible to register for several events on the same day, as long as they do not take place simultaneously.

We offer routes adapted to all types of bikes. But be careful, we are in the mountains. Mountain bikes with a reasonable travel between 120 and 160mm will fully express themselves on the terrains encountered.

Yes, you can rent the ATV of your choice directly from the provider of the station.

We invite you to get in touch with the Samoëns online reservation center by clicking on this link: https://reservation.samoens.com 

On the evening of each event on the website.

After each event or activity the courses are cleared, the majority of them being on private land and therefore closed to the public the rest of the year.

Can’t find our answer?
Send us an email at inscription@chlorobike.com, we will answer as soon as possible.


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